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There will be no Gathering or Programming @ Renovation on Sunday, December 30, 2018.


We believe in and want to model "Margin". Consider these words from Dr Richard Swenson:

"The conditions of modern-day living devour margin. If you are homeless, we send you to a shelter. If you are penniless, we offer you food stamps. If you are breathless, we connect you to oxygen. But if you are marginless, we give you yet one more thing to do.
Marginless is being thirty minutes late to the doctor's office because you were twenty minutes late getting out of the bank because you were ten minutes late dropping the kids off at school because the car ran out of gas two blocks from the gas station - and you forgot your wallet.
Margin, on the other hand, is having breath left at the top of the staircase, money left at the end of the month, and sanity left at the end of adolescence. Marginless is the disease of the new millennium; margin is its cure."

So we give a week back to our volunteers, workers and staff - not just to say thank you for your faithful service, but to recharge your batteries, spend time with your family, travel, and most importantly - follow God's example of rest.

See you January 6th!

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